Our Customers Love Us & We Love Them

We pride ourselves with providing friendly, fast and efficient support so you can go about your business. Whenever possible, we use easy to understand language and ensure our explanations make sense. You can see this from a small sample of the lovely feedback we have received over the years.


"I've had many great support experience's from the team. They've helped and managed me through some difficult domain and email technical issues we've had on our box. I've found them both very professional, responsive and detailed."

Rowan F.

"The guy that usually looks after our client's hosting is currently overseas and without the help I've received from your support team I would likely have some very unhappy clients. It is much appreciated."

Matt S.

"The support team always seem to go above and beyond, honestly couldn't ask for anything more."

Matt S.

"Excellent help desk. I'm not technically literate, but the guy asked the question in a way that I would be able to understand, and we got the issue sorted fast as."

Glenn T.

"Unbeatable. Thanks so much for an ongoing ALWAYS friendly and SUPER FAST service."

Hellen K.

"Tommy absolutely smashed it! He gave me the answers I needed and went ahead and implemented exactly what i asked without going about it in a robot like fashion. Very Very pleased with Tommy and with the support service in general. Thanks again team."

Mitch P.

"Amazing service, I've hosted with many company but the support within this company is a lot better than any other I've been with. Keep it up team!"

Ashley B.

"We have been with you for many years, and continue to stay because of the great and helpful service we have had over the years. Well done."

John R.

"Your team was very helpful and patient in helping provide support including a quick tutorial for us to solve a problem on our end - on a weekend! Thanks a bunch :)"

Goran B.

"Great price and great service. Last time I contacted them, it was past there support time of 6PM and they were still answering me. Standard reply was less than 5 minutes via email. Fast servers and great value for money."

Recky N.

"Mail account now all up and running, despite some finger trouble that upset cPanel, which you guys fixed over the phone - thank you."

Michael P.

"Fast turn around, solid and understandable answers, quick phone wait, awesome services - what more could a geek ask for? You are doing IT right - as it should be - keep it up. A+."

Shane H.

"I've used a variety of different hosting solutions, especially now that I am based in the UK but you are still my favourite support team."

Anna H.

"Very quick response to query and very helpful resolving it."

Craig R.

"I really appreciate: 1. A reply (Not as common as one would expect) 2. The replies always assist my queries. Thanks for all the time and effort that you all put into assisting us!"

Hannah B.

"Thank you for speedy reply and great customer service. Good job!"

Selena C.

"Thanks for advising us about the problems with our guestbook. Much appreciated. We've decided not to reinstate a guestbook since none of them are immune to spam attacks, captcha or no captcha. Best wishes."

John S.

"Responses were quick and issues was dealt with promptly as usual. Thanks team!"

Jason C.

"Prompt, responsive, to the point and cheerful. What more can you ask for. Thanks."

Pam S.

"As soon as I got the correct information it worked first time. Fabulous service, as usual. Thank you!!!"

Vicky H.

"Good to have such a easy fix to something we'd been struggling with for hours over several days - should have thought to ask for help sooner."

Keith M.

"Very quick response and resolution, despite the holiday period. Thanks!"

Nick D.

"Very competent support staff who seem to go above and beyond in order to provide a solution."

Sonet V.

"There aren't many companies where you can send an email at 9:30pm about an issue, get a reply back within a few minutes saying they've already noticed and are fixing the problem. Impressed as always."


"You guys are doing a great job. Seem to be responding within the SLA's described. Responses are meaningful and helpful. Keep it up if you can Cheers."


"As always, the support was great - prompt feedback and staying on task until be got to the bottom of the problem. Thank you"


"I have been using WebSlice for nearly 2 years now. Over the years I have used many hosting companies, and while most are good, the WebSlice support is brilliant."

Peter L.

"I have used many Web hosts in New Zealand and overseas and this is the first time I have found the web hosting provider so helpful and freely available to deal with issues. Keep up the good work WebSlice."

Kevin K.

"Transfers from my old provider was a breeze as it was taken care of by the team at WebSlice. Thank you so much for your help!!"

Cecilia T.

"Great value. Especially with an excellent support service. Makes web-hosting a breeze."

Justin S.

"Fastest hosting I've had so far, as well as having great support to help me with my website! Thanks guys!"

Tonio S.