SSL Certificates

Essential for e-commerce websites, Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates create a trusted connection between your hosted service and your customers.
  • Free Installation

    If you have a cPanel hosting account with us, we’ll setup your SSL certificate for free.
  • 99% Ubiquity

    Your SSL certificate is guaranteed to work with 99% of web browsers, including desktop and mobile devices.
  • Strong Encryption

    Our SSL certificates follow industry standards, providing 256-bit encryption to your hosted content.

SSL Certificates for All Types of Websites

Lots more for nothing.

Site Validation

Site Validation

SSL Certificates confirm your sites’ validity and protect your customers from phishing attacks.
Data Protection

Data Protection

SSL Encryption will protect your data from being snooped-on while in transit across the internet.
Expiry Reminders

Expiry Reminders

Our system will remind you to renew your certificates before they expire to ensure your data is secured at all times.

Some extra information

  • Please note that SSL certificates must be installed on a dedicated IP address if you’re a web hosting customer, or spare IP address if you have a VPS or Cloud Server.
  • All prices are exclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST) unless otherwise stated.
  • If you have any questions about any of our services, please contact our friendly sales team.

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