Google Will Warn Users on Non-Secure Form Input Pages From October

What Does This Mean?

If you are still hosting your website without an SSL certificate, Google Chrome will be ramping up the warnings for your visitors on any pages that accept form input – even newsletter signups and contact forms. This has been announced by Google and will come with the, soon to be released, Chrome version 62 update.

In addition, non secure sites will now show permanent warnings in incognito mode.

To illustrate how this will look, see the image below:
Chrome https Changes

Google has been driving the move of all website to use full SSL since the beginning of the year and this is only ramping up. The main concern is that Google is now moving from a reward incentive towards a punitive approach where non compliant sites will be penalised.

If the websites you host with your hosting provider contain any kind of text input, they will require an SSL certificate if you want to avoid a “Not Secure” warning in the address bar.

Below is an example of how your users will experience this change:
Chrome Non-secure Form Example

What Can I Do About It?

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